Debt Collectors

    If you are being called by a debt collector – Follow These Instructions

    • Answer each call;
    • Say this: “This is my cell phone.  Please do not ever call this number again;” and
    • Keep a log of each call.

    You have the legal right to tell debt collectors to stop calling your cell phone with the use of an autodialer or pre-recorded voice. If they continue to call with an autodialer it will be a willful violation and you should be able to recover $1,500 per call.

    Debt collectors use the computer to call potential debtors multiple times a day.  Frequently the debt collector is calling the wrong person. The calls are annoying and harassing.

    It is against law for the debt collector to call with an autodialer or a pre-recorded voice if you have not given your cell number to the creditor or the debt collector.  If you are receiving calls from a debt collector, call me and I will explain how to stop the calls and how to recover for the calls that have been made.

    Fill out the form below and contact me. I will help you recover.